The Idea String

Pulling different strands together


I’m Matthew Benton, a 40-something IT professional based in Bristol in the UK. I have a degree in English literature and Philosophy, and a Diploma in Computer Science. I’m interested in health, music, philosophy, science, sports, society. More specifically I’m intrigued by the way our understanding of the world shifts depending on who and where we are, the belief systems and patterns of thought we bring to our experience to make meaning in our lives, and the assumptions we cling to that sometimes stop us seeing the obvious.

Every now and then I have an idea and think “Has anyone else had this idea? Has anyone expressed it like this?” so I’m writing them up and pasting them on – because you never know when an idea that’s expressed, instead of being confined in thought, could make a difference.

I’m planning to keep the site ad free providing it doesn’t take up too much time, and cookie free as I’ve nothing to sell.

I sometimes ask and answer questions here on, and if you’ve nothing better to do you can watch me playing the piano on YouTube.!

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