The Idea String

Pulling different strands together


Videos to be found on my YouTube channel.

Carbon Dividends – the best hope for carbon taxation
The only serious cross-party solution I know of to the climate crisis is the carbon dividend (9m 34s)

Explaining consciousness and the measurement problem with scientific ‘panpsychism’
How can we account for the existence of conscious beings in an apparently unconscious universe? A scientific or logical ‘panpsychism’ is one possible answer. (28m 15s)

Is subjective experience the key to consciousness?
Many philosophers regard human subjective experience as the pinnacle of animal awareness. But the subjective experience that mediates our interaction with the world has some parallels to a legacy computer system. (9m 34s)

Two non-problems in modern philosophy
There are two common problems in modern philosophy which I believe fail to account for the contradictory nature of our existence. (7m 51s)

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